Brian Thiessen GuitarBrian Theissen is creating some cool guitar parts  destined for “Sweet Success.”

I’m so looking forward to seeing this song fly free! Singin’ oh, oh, oh yes…























Darryl Havers one of the best keyboard players in the city added some sweet B3 (Hammond Organ) and a little Wurly  (Wurlitzer electric piano) in place of the Rhodes which he thought sounded too sweet.

You can hear it here in its unfinished state for a limited time via the preview link to my miracle in the making Kickstarter campaign.



We’re still awaiting a lead guitar part and I’ve been wondering about back up vocals.

Recording In Session

– Woke up at 3:30am, concerned about people who’ve asked my wife and I for help.

– Lay in bed dozing and thinking until 7:30am.

– Priority was getting to the studio so there wasn’t time for the 9:20am doctors appointment regarding concerns over my throat and lungs due to two days in a movie set sand storm.

– People’s prayer sustained me and I recorded my vocals, a minor miracle since I was coughing up sand and wood dust only days before.


Thankful for the solid work by drummer, Kenton Wiens and base player, Chris Lemke who left me just enough time to sing my heart out. Update: after listening to the rough track I want to do the vocals over. Mikey likes it, what do you think?

(Hear the Music via link in the next post… ‘Keys’.)


Michael Nowak, producer and engineer at Saga Recording was really happy with what we got done in a few hours.

Next it’s the guitar tracks and fine tuning. Soon I’ll give you a sneak peak into the song and lyrics too! Thank you for tuning in! ♥♥♥♥♥